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BIBURY Multipurpose Carpet Knife with 10 Replaceable SK5 Blades

BIBURY Multipurpose Carpet Knife with 10 Replaceable SK5 Blades

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utility knife

High Quality Utility Tool

utilty knife

utilty knife

utility knife

420 Stainless Steel Blade

Updated version of the blade head, 420 stainless steel.The button for replacing the blade is changed from plastic to metal,Smoother blade replacement, smooth and durable.

Multi-Function Cutter Head

This multitool utility tool adds a multi-function cutter head that is simple and practical. It has five functions: scale(cm/inch),saw,slotted screwdriver,bottle opener and hexagonal wrench.

Ergonomic Grip

The utility knife design is more ergonomic, more convenient and less laborious.Widened grip for all types of palms.On the utility knife's body, we create the anti-slip handle and a anti-slip button.

utility knife


utility knife
Portable Box,Easy to Carry


  • The SK5 blade adopts 10 pieces for one package, the safety blade box is light and boxed, easy to take out, does not hurt the hand, is convenient to carry and safe to store.



  • Blade Size:2.4*0.74*1.26 inch
  • Warm Suggestion:As the blade is extremely sharp, please do not touch it directly.



  • Keep the utility knife stay away from children and who under 18 years of age, they need to under adult supervision.


Multi-Function Trapezoidal Blade

Carbon steel SK5 blades


  • For the utility knife, the BIBURY team provided 10 replaceable carbon steel SK5 blades-multi-function trapezoidal blade.



  • The SK5 blade is sharp and the cutting effect is excellent. The scrap rate is low, the cutting is more, and fewer blades are replaced, thereby improving equipment efficiency and production yield.



  • The trapezoidal blade is a multi-functionblade that not only easy replace the blade, but also industrial cutting, such as deburring, automotive interior casting, floor tools, etc.


  • Fine punching process,polishing treatment.The BIBURY carpet knife has been carefully polished, polished and has a smooth surface like a mirror.

Belt Clip, Carry It with You

utility knife

utility knife

utility knife

Belt Clip

The Utility knife has a belt clip on the back for easy carrying around the waist.In addition, it has a snap hook at the bottom that can be attached to the key ring for easy carrying.

Meet the Daily Life

The irregular shell design makes the hand feel more comfortable and suitable for leather,wallpaper,carton,plastic bottles,carpets,etc.

Special Function-Saw

If you are a woodworker and need regular repair tools, the this utility knife is your first choice. A wood saw with a scale will become an essential tool in your life.

utility knife
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