New Sunset Lamp Best Lamp 2021

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Turn on our floor lamp, and you can immediately have a romantic modern bedroom, just enjoy your nightlife.

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Do you want to have a romantic time with your lover? Do you dream of having a romantic modern residence? Now join us in the romantic scene prepared for you.

【Scene 1】💕Imagine a leisurely weekend when you gather with your family and children. Turn on our floor lamp, and you can immediately have a romantic modern bedroom. The greater the projection of sunset light on the wall or ceiling. The lights project amazing colourful circular lights on the walls, ceiling and floor. You and your family can feel the beauty of a sunset and the rainbow without going out. Even on rainy days, you can see the beautiful sunset and rainbow scenery, so you can feel comfortable every day, which adds lustre to you and your family and life quality. It also brings happiness to the family and children.

【Scene 2】💕 Is the current photographing style relatively single? If you want to have a unique shooting style, turn on our floor lamp!which can be rotated 180 degrees to upgrade the lamp head, which can emit different lights from different angles, and the sunlight is soft and will not dazzle your eyes. You will get unparalleled beautiful photos. Want to post them on Instagram? There must be a lot of people who like and comment on it.

【Scene 3】💕If you are on a date, turn off the dazzling chandelier, turn on this sunset light, and play romantic Sagus light music. OK, I wish you a happy date.

Emitting colour: Red Sunset;
Bulb: LED bulb included;
Power source: AC;
Voltage: 5V;
Material: Base made of PC and Buckle made of Aluminium;
What’s in the box: Midnattsol projection lamp, LED bulb6 USB plug with switch;

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