Here comes a new challenger – It’s the SOG power-play. I will give you an overview of that in my opinion on that multi sole so lots of stuff to discuss. I hope you enjoyed this episode.
Fully serrated blade, can opener, bottle opener and three screwdrivers on this side.
There’s a metal file, a wood, saw, a miniature screwdriver, and another screwdriver and there’s also an AWL and typical multi-purpose pliers. they are not spring-loaded but it does have a compound leverage system.

And it’s got the wire cutters remember these gear, this is the compound lever system they make the opening very smooth, just like you can easily open them with one-handed, and they multiply your if you really need to grab something hard that is a good feature.


also, keep in mind there is a bit driver in there so for example here’s a bit of an extension and a socket, so it actually has a built-in bit in drive and it will accept a standard-sized bit in the order to set the bit there. From my anecdote multifunctional tool and then extended, it came with one of my shreds. Believe it or not.

so the bottom line on this tool. In fact, every major tool you can think of is pretty good. Except for no scissors but then again I love my rebar, it doesn’t have scissors so everything. The scissors and for about $80 Is a bit expensive.

I have more good news on the pricing. Department this thing has gone down in price now this is my BIBURY Multifunctional scissors, now the price 39.99$. It’s better than most other tools.

It has the functions of the ruler (5cm), ring scissors, 420HC folding multi-purpose scissors, oxygen tank wrench, seat belt cutter, and window breaker.

MoLLE backpack can be installed with scissors through the buckle on the back of the nylon sleeve according to personal habits.

The medical bag I use is the Tahu series. There are designed with scissors both of 6L backpack and 3L backpack. I tested SOG and BIBURY, and they cannot insert a 6L pack. The 3L waste bag BIBURY is better than SOG.

There are many small tools in the SOG handle, but they can only use emergencies. Compared with SOG and BIBURY, I think BIBURY will be more comfortable to use.

Let’s talk about the cutting hook. The open state of the BIBURY cutting hook is as shown in the figure. It is very comfortable to use.

The SOG cutting hook is in the open position and it is impossible to tell what went wrong, but it is a bit strange to use it at first.

Which multifunctional scissors do you prefer?
I currently own several SOG products, which are very good, but some designers think manufacturers need to upgrade later. Overall, I think it is an excellent choice to buy BIBURY scissors at half the price, and the feel is no less than SOG.