REVIEW – A knife is an important part of anyone’s EDC (every day carry). If you regularly use a knife for different cutting tasks, you also know how important it is to have a sharp blade. But what do you do if you don’t know how to keep a blade sharp or you’re just don’t want to deal with that chore? You go with a utility knife instead of a traditional pocket knife. The BIBURY Multipurpose Utility Knife is the best of both worlds. It has a pocket knife style and replaceable blades like a utility knife.

What is it?
The BIBURY Multipurpose Utility Knife is a folding knife with replaceable blades and a second blade with extra functions.

What’s in the box?

●Bibury multi-purpose utility knife

●10 SK5 stainless steel blades

This multi-tool has the form factor of a large pocket knife (4.2 inches closed). In the image above you can see the Bibury next to a small Craftsman utility knife that I’ve used for many years.

The Bibury has chunky black aluminum handles with a large slot if you want to add a lanyard.

This tool also has a strong pocket clip.

To use the Bibury’s tools, you have to press the spring-loaded unlock button on the side of the knife in order to unfold the blades. That means that this knife doesn’t have a one-handed deployment feature, but it does mean that it has a strong locking mechanism that keeps the blades safely locked in the handle.

The utility knife uses standard SK5 steel blades in a sturdy stainless steel holder.

To replace the blades, you just press the spring-loaded lock on the holder and the blade will slide out. No screwdrivers are necessary like old-school utility knives. Yay!

The Bibury has another blade that has the following features:

●Flat screwdriver
●Bottle opener
●5-in-1 hex wrench
●Ruler (in/cm)


What I like
Well made
Easy to replace blades
10 extra blades included
Extra tool features
What I’d change
Final thoughts
The BIBURY Multipurpose Utility Knife is a utility knife that includes extra features at a not so extra price of less than $20. I use a box cutter/utility knife multiple times a week and I like the build quality of this tool. It’s comfortable to hold/use, while also being safe to use with its locking mechanism. I’ll be saying bye-bye to my baby Craftsman utility knife as the Bibury will be taking its place.

By Julie Strietelmeier / December 14, 2020

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